What I am working on

Hi. I'm Melanie. I am a Story Grid Certified Editor and specialize in applying the Story Grid methodology to songwriting and to the art of writing graphic novels.

I am currently working on two different case studies.

1. I help songwriters write evergreens through great storytelling.

 I help songwriters write evergreen lovesongs through great storytelling.My first case study is about finding out what makes a great lovesong an evergreen.

How do we engage the audience in the storytelling so that they are thrown back into their past or even start to be caught up in a dream of hopeful fantasies that seem so real? What is the essence of a great story in a song? How do we start? What is our protagonist like? What shall he tell? How does he change?

You can find out more about that case study on my website:

Even though, you might not want to write a lovesong, my next case study will be about creating a full story for a concept album. I will look at the albums of bands like Green Day, The Smiths, My Chemical Romance, The Who, Genesis and many more for the analysis.



2. How can we apply the Story Grid Methodology to Graphic Novels?

I am venturing like a pioneer into this new world of finding out what makes a graphic novel work.

Of course, the storytelling has to be captivating, filled with authentic characters and tell each scene through a vibrant mix of pictures, captions, and dialogue. And even though the principles of storytelling apply to songwriting, novels, advertising, graphic novels and every other form of stories, there are differences.

So I got my volumes of great works from Grant Morrison, Gabriel Ba, Alan Moore, Mike Mignola and Gerard Way. And I am feeling like a child who never had those novels around as she grew up, but who enjoys them even more now!

More information you find here: Editing Comics - Create your best story


My case studies will be published on the official Story Grid website as a Fundamental Friday's Blog Post. (Dates will soon appear here).


If you are interested in my work, just write me an email:

P.S. This is my German Editor Website. For contact purposes please use the provided email address. Thank you.